Archaeo-naturalistic excursion

The excursion takes place in the territory of Calasetta, in a coastal stretch that starts from the beautiful Spiaggia Grande up to the towns of Mangiabarche and Nido dei Passeri.

Once we reach the starting point of the Spiaggia Grande excursion where we will describe the geo-morphological, botanical and zoological peculiarities of this environment, we will move towards the south, to visit what remains of the ancient Calasetta tuna fishery.

Once described the Ancient Tonnara we will move in the same direction to reach the beautiful cliff of Mangiabarche, represented by the romantic lighthouse but also by the presence of numerous forts of the second world war.

A short distance from the town of Mangiabarche is Il Nido dei Passeri in which there is an interesting archaeological area characterized by the presence of the ruins of the Nuraghe Nido dei Passeri and a funerary circle from the Nuragic era.

The Nido dei Passeri is also our final destination, where a delicious picnic awaits us, made up of local food and wine products.

Route details: Route length: 3 km total; Type of route: Linear Slope Route: Flat - Coastal

Clothing: Trekking Pants (adjustable), Windbreaker, Trekking Shoes

Equipment: Binoculars, Camera, Autan, Thermal Water Bottle, Front Torch

Cost of the excursion: € 25

The excursion is carried out by a guide regularly registered in the tourist guides register and in the AIGAE register


Urban Trekking

Among the various stages that we propose in this urban tour there will be a visit to the MAB Archaeological Museum Ferruccio Barreca in which it will be possible to admire the archaeological evidence relating to Sant'Antioco and all the Sulcis.

Later we will visit the Tophet and the Fort of Su Pisu and the Ethnographic Museum, to then admire the beautiful Phoenician Necropolis - Punica di Is Pirixeddus.

Later we will move to visit the Basilica of Sant'Antioco Martire and the catacombs of the same name.

The last leg of this excursion will end with a visit to the Bisso Museum where we could observe the works created by the teacher Chiara Vigo.

Event details

Type of route: In stages

Route difficulty: T (Tourist)

Path length: Short

Trekking clothing and footwear: not required; Packed lunch or alternatively lunch at I Due Fratelli restaurant

Cost of the excursion: € 25 (to which you will have to add the entrances to the various monuments for which the ticket price will be reduced)

Meeting at the Lighthouse of Sant’Antioco Loc. Ponti Mannu

The excursion is carried out by a guide regularly registered in the tourist guides register and in the AIGAE register


Urban and Extraurban Trekking

The path of this trek takes us to visit the sites of the medieval and post-medieval period present in the Tratalias area, starting right from the Medieval Village of Tratalias, where we will visit the beautiful Church of Santa Maria di Monserrat, and then move on to the craft workshops and the museum and historical archive of the town.

Then we will move to visit the rural villages that today constitute the new hamlets of the country, among the main ones we will visit the Medau Cuccu and the homonymous Nuraghe, the Medau Cisella, the Medau Mannu, Medau Bonifacio and Coremò and then conclude our walk on the banks of the Lake of Monte Pranu.

Event details

Type of route: In stages (transfers from one stage to another will take place by own means) Difficulty level: T (Tourist)

Food and drink: Packed lunch or alternatively lunch at the Su Meurreddu farm with € 25 menu with advance booking.

Each participant will provide food and drink with them according to their needs.

Cost of the excursion: € 25 (which includes insurance for each participant)

The excursion is carried out by a guide regularly registered in the tourist guides register and in the AIGAE register


Birdwatching excursion that will allow us first of all to know the birdlife that lives and nests in the ponds of Porto Pino and secondly to examine the habitat in which these species live and to learn about the aspects of their nutrition.

Among the species that we could observe during the excursion, the main directors are certainly the pink flamingos, which with their bright colors paint these ponds, secondly we find various species of seagulls, including the Mediterranean gull, the Yellow-legged gull and the Slender-billed gull.

Among the waders it is possible to find the Common sandpiper, the Little ringed Plover, the Common greenshank.

Among the Ardeids we find the Great Egret, the Grey Heron, the Purple Heron, the Western cattle egret, the Little Egret.

Among the other species it is possible to observe the Mallard, the Common Shelduck, the Little grebe, the Great crested grebe, the Eurasian stone-curlew and the Kingfisher.

During the journey, observation posts will be made, two binoculars and a telescope will be made available, each participant is free to bring their own birdwatching equipment.

During the excursion the participants will have to follow the guidelines of the guides, remaining united to the group and avoiding to go away on their own, screams or movements that could in any way scare and let the wildlife escape, thus losing the possibility of observing them better .

It is advisable to bring along a notebook for notes, in case we find some bird ringed, and in any case it will be useful to mark all the fauna we have observed and other details.

The excursion includes a first stop at the two churches of Sant'Anna, at the Nuraghe Arresi and at the Nuraghe spring of the same name, after which we will move towards Porto Pino to visit the Nuragic village of Coi Casu and finally we will reach the parking lots of Porto Pino beach.

Being a linear route we will leave a sufficient number of cars at the end of the route based on the number of participants.

Excursion details:

Type of route: Linear Route difficulty: T - Tourist Trail Route length: 7 km

It is advisable to carry at least 2 liters of water and, if you wish, sun cream for the face.

Packed lunch or alternatively lunch at "La Peschiera" by Basilio.

The excursion is carried out by a guide regularly registered in the AIGAE register

Cost of the excursion: € 25

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